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You can’t always trust the scales

You can't always trust the scales When you start any new training regime or diet, for most people the main metric to go by is obviously weight.  However, this won’t [...]

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Movement Complex – February

Movement Complex 1 Full Body Circles (x5 each side) Reverse Lunge (x5 each leg) Sit to Stand (x10 reps) Rollover into Abductor Stretch (x5-10 reps) Pendulums (x5 each side) Crab [...]

Recipe of the Month – February

Blueberry and Vanilla Protein Pancakes Per Serving (serves 2): 451 Calories 54g Carbs 25g Protein 15g Fat Ingredients 110g oats (use gluten free if preferred) 1 egg 2 egg whites [...]

Exercise of the Month – February

Exercise of the Month - Anterior Core Developing the anterior core is an essential part of the training process and should focus heavily in training programs, particularly with beginners - [...]

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