How to train your core properly (it's not about abs or sit ups btw!)

So, for years you have heard about the importance of your core, for, well, just about everything. From bad backs, to strength gains; Performance to improved balance

But do you really know what the core is, how it works, or more importantly HOW to train it?

Stay with the video to get the REAL truth about how to train your core

What your core actually does

You probably think of your core as the abdominals, the muscles at the front that fit between your rib cage, and your pelvis, and you would be quite right, they are part of it…

But only about 10%

Much like an iceberg 90% of the real core is often unseen, and more often untrained!

Even for those with a more advanced view of the core that include the whole mid-section and muscules that joins the whole rib cage, to the whole pelvis, front back and side, you are still only 50% of the way there.

Take your abs for example (or what many believe IS your core) it is far more than just the muscles that take the space between the pelvis and the rib cage. It is part of a much bigger chain, a chain that connects the whole front of the body and works to create flexion, resist extension, and brace for stability whilst lifting.

This runs down the front of the body from the jaw into the upper rib cage, through the abdominals and into the muscles that attach into the base of the pelvis and even up from the legs into the pelvis.

If you have ever had neck pain from ‘core’ training, you can be sure it’s not working effectively.


To get your core working effectively:

Flexion – Sliding Dish

Extension – Active Bridge

Bracing – Box Plank

The anterior sling – Side plank

Anti-Rotation – Pallof Hold

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