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Members' Stories


Having first approached us following a series of knee injuries and operations Kats main aim was to just get back fit and rehab her knee

6 months after her operation she finished 5th in Englands strongest woman in May 2014.

Having never really lifted weights before she is now stronger than ever and has been selected to compete at Britain’s Strongest Woman in June this year.

Weighing around the same as when she started with us her physique has been transformed with a body shape that any woman would aspire to have putting pay to the old suggestion that weights make women bulky.


“I was convinced after damning diagnosis of a life long knee problem that I would never compete in competitive sport again. Suffolk Strength Academy changed all that for me, along with my physique; my performance; and my mental attitude, its safe to say, they changed my life.”


  • Become one of the top u63kg strongwomen in Britain


Perpetual dieter gaining weight to lighter than ever without dieting.

From the typical intermittent dieter and runner who had not seen much other than consistent injury and frustration at the lack of results Julia now exercises consistently eats food without the restriction of dieting.

Julia’s mindset is now transformed along with her focus to the point where she is now proud of the body she lives in and is accepting of the journey she is on to achieve her perfect figure. It has been a long journey for Julia that is ongoing, but she is committed to being better year on year so she can give far more to her young family and husband (who has joined us recently).


The typical male amateur sports player plagued with injuries, combined with a busy social and work life prevented him from ever getting the progress his willingness to work hard deserved.

Through our training and nutritional methods Guy was able to shift his ‘daddy weight’ (which we think had been creeping up long before his children were born tbh) and reduce injuries enough to get some real results in his training.

The nutritional and training recommendations also meant he was able to continue enjoying a pint with his mates and a life with his family and still get results like the ones shown.

You can see from the pictures the transformation was fantastic, going from 105kg down to 90kg and getting a body his younger self would have been proud of.


Having a sports science degree I obviously knew how to train, or so I thought. That was until I started training with Suffolk Strength Academy, only then did I realise the lack of results were down to me, not my circumstances.

It’s a great feeling to see bodyweight fall off combined with dramatic strength gains. Suffolk Strength Academy educate as they train so much so that I can now take the knowledge I gained and apply as I travel the world with my job, regardless of the food / facilities I am provided with.

All I can say that is if you listen and apply their methods you will be rewarded, that is if you can actually understand Ben’s northern accent.


Not your usual transformation. Sam came to us a competitive bodybuilder but was becoming bored / disillusioned with ‘sport’ and was looking for something more.

Having seen some of our girls competing she wanted to give it a go, and when Sam gives something a go, she gives it her all winning her 1st competition, a qualifier for the England Strongwoman Finals.

Since then she has went from strength to strength transforming herself from a stage competitor to one of the strongest women in Britain under 63kg receiving an invite to this years Britain Strongest Woman finals.


“Suffolk Strength Academy has helped open the door enabling me see the extent of my true capabilities and put me on the path to realising them.

This place has helped me fall in love with a sport I hardly knew existed while training alongside an awesome inspiring group of members”


  • Gain further experience in strongwoman competition
  • Look to compete well at this years Britain’s Strongest Woman


Sick of the way his body was making him feel after too much work and not enough training or sport Nick approached us to help him quick.

The results you see were done over a 10-week period with a more intensive approach to nutritional habits and training.

No longer a member due to his work and family commitments Nick is regularly in touch and knows where he will come if his body ever has him feeling like that again.


“Training with Ben and the rest of the guys at Suffolk Strength Academy transforms your motivation to be better and the results you get make the hard work more than worth it”


Your typical skinny fat lad who refused to believe he was carrying too much timber found his age, among other things, were starting to catch up with him leading to what looked like early retirement from amateur football.

Three years on he is still playing and is stronger, faster and fitter than he ever was in his youth with a six-pack to match.

Recently having taken up strongman his future ambitions lie more in that field these days finishing second in his first novice competition. A true example of what can be achieved if you set your mind to something.


“Suffolk Strength Academy changed my life around from out every weekend, fast food and pizza dinners to a healthy energetic Dad still playing football and starting to compete in strongman.

I am both stronger physically and mentally than when I started, don’t get me wrong I still enjoy the fun things in life, but now that there is more to my life I find time to develop the strength and energy required to provide everything my wife and son need.

My life is now infinitely better in everyway than it was one I started and Suffolk Strength Academy has played a huge part in that”


  • Continue to play football
  • Compete in strongman while being someone my family can rely on in any given situation
  • Living up to the ‘my daddy is stronger than your daddy’ line is gonna be quite cool too.


Having been almost reduced to tears by a picture at a friends wedding Beckie decided to do something about the negative feelings she had about her body.

Joining us in early 2011 it was Beckie’s goal to rock her bikini by the time her holiday came round that year.

Fuelled by her desire to look proudly at herself in the mirror again Beckie implemented our strategies to the letter and got the results her hard work deserved.

Still a member and just having recently had a baby she has got her body back once again following the pregnancy and continues to move forward year on year.


Plagued with back and shoulder injuries having played rugby all his life as well as embracing the rugby ‘culture’ to the max we first set about fixing all the ailments to get him back playing again.

Having done this successfully Joe then went to play in New Zealand for a year where we think he drank more than he played to be honest, he came back tipping the scales at 120kg but still injury free.

While away having toyed with a little strongman his goals had changed and we started prepping him for some u105 strongman comps helping him drop 15kg and increasing his strength dramatically in 6 months.

Joe now sits at 107kg and still plays a big part in the drinking culture of rugby if not the games but remains injury free.


“Training at Suffolk Strength Academy gave me the motivation I needed to drop the weight and confidence to compete and progress faster than I though possible. I am stronger than I have ever been and loving the training”


  • Continue progressing in strength
  • Move out of novice categories and into position to compete in Britain’s Natural Strongest Man (u105)
  • Onwards and upwards


Coming to us with a keen interest in nutrition and exercise, and had already applied much of what he had learned to get some great results prior to joining us.

His goals were simple ‘get stronger’ and it’s safe to say this is happening progressively faster as his focus improves, all while keeping him competing in the u80kg category in strongman.

Gav has transformed his life over the last few years while his strength shows no signs of stopping its improvements.


“Having been your typical gym goer plodding along intermittently progressing steadily but not a great speed, the whole process was becoming somewhat laborious – Suffolk Strength Academy changed all that.

Since joining not only have my physical fitness and strength went through the roof but the improvements in both mindset and attitude have shown the same dramatic improvements

Training is now a enjoyable part of my life rather than a chore”


  • To simply do more of the stuff I enjoy
  • Compete in more comps and place in the top 3


Having been following the typical eat less and remove carbohydrates from your diet advice and dabbling in a little bit of exercise here and there (but found it ‘boring’).

Katie’s progress had stalled and frustration was creeping in, as were her old ways, it was getting tough to keep the weight off, let alone get more results.

This is when Katie approached us for our help, and was shocked and apprehensive at the eat more carbs and more in general advice she received a further 2½ stone down the line she is a little less apprehensive these days.

On top of this we added effective structured exercise sessions and within the year have transformed not only Katie’s body (Seriously these pictures don’t do her transformation justice), but her views on both exercise and food.

So much so that Katie will be competing in her first strongman comp in the u63 category (10stone) a full 25kg! lighter than her starting weight.

Not bad for someone who disliked (ok detested) exercise and found it boring, ey?


“Having HATED exercise to the point that walking for 10 minutes was a gut-wrenching chore you can say Suffolk Strength Academy has helped transformed more than just my body.

The no bullshit approach is exactly what I needed helping me become the person I knew I could be, and drop more than 4 stone along the way.

It hasn’t been easy but then I was once told the worthwhile journeys seldom are, I have broken down in tears, accomplished things I never thought possible, been sick, become more confident than I ever could have imagined, while still knowing there is so much more I will achieve.”


  • Just want to continue my journey learning to worry less about the thoughts of others…
  • Oh and to lift heavy shit

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