Getting ‘BEASTED’ doesn’t work for long term success

Getting 'BEASTED' doesn't work for long term success

It’s the easiest thing in the world to work someone hard, to get them blowing out of their arse… and heck it even sometimes works, you can throw the kitchen sink at some people and they will simply come back for more and continue to make progress.

BUT, and it’s a big huge, glaring in your face can’t miss it kind of but. It will fail more times than it will succeed, you see it’s tantamount to throwing shit at a wall. Yes, some will stick, but the vast majority will end up on the floor in a pile of, well…

And that’s the problem, for every 1 that succeeds you are going to get 4 that at best give up and are turned off exercise forever, or at worst irrevocably mentally or physically scarred, putting them out of action for a long time believing that if the ‘coaching’ they received last time is the only way to do it, it is simply not worth it.

Personal trainers aren’t meant to act like army PTIs, we don’t exist to push them beyond their limits and show them how good we are by making them feel sick or leaving them sore for days. We are meant to be coaches, coaching them to understand the importance of health, movement and fitness, and how it can impact their lives positively. How if they use the gym effectively their whole personal narrative can change, their belief in themselves can grow and they can build a platform for future success in all areas of their lives

The gym experience can be that powerful, but the industry needs to grow up and understand it is about more than 6 pack abs and beastings.

There’s a reason people are turned off exercise in the gym and it is the industry’s responsibility to change that, to show them it is not like it used to be, to show them that we care about their long term results more than we do their short term before and after pictures.

SSA exists to do exactly that and help people discover the transformative change that can happen when stress (and that’s what exercise is) is applied sensibly and progressively to encourage long term progress.

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