5 ways a strong immune system will support your goals

Could strengthening your immune system be a secret hack into getting more results from less time spent in the gym

Stay with us on this video, and we will share with you 5 ways a healthy immune system will do exactly that and leave you more time to do the things you love…

5 ways a strong immune system will support your goals

More energy

Because you have more energy, you will attack your sessions with more intensity, warm up more effectively and be ready to push yourself harder during your sessions. Gone will be the days of just getting through it and doing just enough, you will lift more weight, and you will tire more slowly… all resulting in you being able to give more to your time in the gym… and the results will follow.


Greater muscle mass

The stronger your immune system, the greater stress you can put your whole body under and the better it will deal with high volume training programs. This all leads to improved response and muscle growth from your sessions. For you ladies this is also important as it is the muscle size improvements that help with the tone you are looking for and (because it is very, VERY hard to put on the levels of muscle mass that freak you out)


Quicker recovery times

Who doesn’t want quicker recovery times??

Your ability to recover more quickly from training sessions will reduce any soreness you suffer from, lead to more effective training sessions when you are in the gym, and increase in your daily activity when you are away from the gym… pretty good combination no matter what your goals.


Improved weight loss –

The first three benefits ALL combine and work together to improve your NEAT (or non-exercise activity thermogenesis) – this is the amount of calories your burn through activity not related to exercise – which is arguably one of the most important factors you can work on when it comes to any weight loss goals.


Less time off the gym

A better immune system ultimately means you will be sick less often, carry less injuries, and feel more rested increasing your motivation to get off the sofa and into the gym.


Now if you want to work on your immune system why not check out this video, which shares with you 5 ways you can actually improve your immune system.

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