5 things that will impact your ability to lose weight

(that have nothing to do with the gym or calorie restriction)

Look we all know weight loss is simple… (or so the social media glitterati would have you believe) Calories in Vs Calories out right!?

If you burn more than you consume you WILL lose weight, but if it’s that simple then why are we slap bang in the middle of an apparently unsolvable obesity epidemic!?

Stay with us on this video and we will explain exactly why by solely focusing on your calorie deficit you are on a path to failure!! (and we will give you 5 tips that will be more likely to guarantee your success than focusing on calories alone)

Calories IN vs Calories OUT

I do wish the fitness industry would stop banging on about calories in Vs Calories out…

YES… It matters, YES… That is HOW weight loss happens


The same message has been drilled into people for years, and it’s NOT working we are still amidst an obesity epidemic doesn’t appear to be going anywhere, anytime soon!!

That despite their being more diet, nutrition, and health experts than EVER, who continuously share the mantra ‘that if you continue to do the same things you have always done, you will always get what you have always got’

👆👆 Not for the first time, the industry really does have difficulty following its own advice

So maybe it’s time to change the narrative of the industry, and work on some different ways to lose weight, or work on the factors that impact our ability to eat less, or burn more calories

So here’s The problem of focusing on calories alone… when you focus on calories alone you leave your success down to motivation and willpower – Both of which are finite resources (the more you use – the less you have). So, whether your vice be alcohol, cake, biscuits, pizza or simply eating more than you need after a few days of effort, of stressors and of life complications you start to run low on both!

The battle hardens, you slowly lose the will to continue, and the pain of staying where you are is less than the pain of change and voila, you are back where you started, and no matter how successful the past week, month, or even quarter of calorie restrictions has been in terms of weight loss, the status quo returns, and square one awaits.

So why not focus on some things that will result not only in a natural reduction in calorie consumption but allow you to enjoy the process sooo much more and remove the battle?

So HERE are the 5 tips that will just make that weight loss journey just that little bit easier


Reduce Stress

We can’t influence the circumstances life deals us, but we can change our response!

The self-soothing reactions to stress usually involve adding calories to our daily intake, the extra glass of wine, the dessert, the crisps, the chocolate bar, or the takeout because we just don’t have the energy to cook.

But if we chose to take a more self-caring approach to the stressors we are dealt, we will see a noticeably reduced urge to reach for those indulgences… So why not (before reaching for the cookie jar) Spend some time in solitude, simply breathing, or walking and give yourself some space to think; Maybe Journal your thoughts or most important tasks that need completed tomorrow; Or try some simple stretching or yoga practices to wind down after your day.  All of which will help dampen the feelings of stress in the moment and allow you to make more positive foods choices without having to rely on willpower

Oh, and as a side benefit improve your ability to sleep à Which brings us neatly to tip #2 Sleep!



Is there anything sleep doesn’t improve?

When it comes to weight loss however, it has a huge impact, and those who sleep less than 6 hours per night have been shown to consume more than 10% more calories than those who sleep 7. This isn’t to say you cannot lose weight on 6 hours sleep per night, you can, it just makes your job infinitely more difficult (once again relying on willpower)

By Sleeping less than 6 hours we predispose ourselves to crave more calorie dense foods, have greater difficulty in recognising satiety (resulting in consuming more than we need), and we are more susceptible to hunger due to reduced willpower.

So, in order to get a good night sleep at least give yourself the best chance to achieve a minimum of 7 hours by going to bed 8 hours before you intend to wake up

Finally, reduced sleep reduces energy levels the daily activity which takes us to tip #3


Increasing Daily Activity

You cannot out train inactivity…

…and your efforts in the gym will always be outweighed by the activity you do outside it. So, before you reach out to your local gym for guidance on weight loss, find a way to increase your daily activity levels.

Repeatedly we find people who approach the recommended guideline of 10,00 steps per day are rarely in the obese category when it comes to BMI (no matter what their dietary habits), equally we always find our members who increase their step counts and daily activity levels achieve greater results than those who rely on the training alone

So find ways to get out and walk or put in more active tasks into your daily routines


The Influences you choose

You are the average of the top 5 people you surround yourself with.

If you choose to watch quick fix guides, to indulge in diet after diet and engage with others who do you will remain on the same path.

To move forward it is important to change your influences, read better material, follow inspiring people, people who have been on your journey, and maybe look to invest in a coach who will help inspire positive changes in all areas of your life in order to help you achieve your goals



Self-Talk (ask yourself better questions)

The language you use creates your reality

So, if you spend your time telling yourself  ‘this is just the way I am’; ‘I will never lose weight’; I can’t do that’; ‘I always fail’ you will consistently prove yourself right, in fact, we are so fixated on proving ourselves right by a trick of the brain if we start to tell ourselves a different story ‘I will lose weight’; ‘I am a success’; ‘I can do that’ We will do everything in our power to also prove ourselves right also

And by the same token…

We will answer the questions we ask ourselves in the manner in which the question demands

Why can’t I lose weight Vs How can I lose weight for example… one pushes you toward focussing on the problem while the other guides you toward finding a solution.

By minding your language, talking more positively to yourself, be as kind to you as you are to others… and you will once again see a move towards finding a better energy balanced diet without relying upon willpower.




Yes we are not stupid and the equation is always the same; to lose weight you MUST be in a calorie deficit, but you are on a hiding to nothing if you aren’t adapting your lifestyle in a manner which makes it easier for you to achieve the deficit!


Thank you for watching stay tuned or get in touch if you want us here at SSA to Inspire Positive Change in you!

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