Time for TOTAL Annihilation… Or is it??

Annihilation vs Stimulation

So many people heading to the gym to beat themselves up to take out their day’s frustrations on their body!!

Someone NEEDS to tell them Exercise ISNT about punishment… 🤫 [Pass it on]


Let me repeat… Exercise is NOT about punishment

It’s about growth, evolution, the development of physicality, mobility and LOVE for the body you have. It’s about taking care of the things you CAN control so you can BETTER respond to the things you CAN’T. It’s ultimately about dying young… as late as possible.

So stop going to the gym to empty your tank (if you care about the long-term impact anyway). Especially if your sleep, hydration, nutrition, supplementation, recovery, aren’t perfect… (If they are you are probably watching the wrong video!!)


Most of you aren’t athletes… MOST of us cannot focus our all our attention onto these areas MOST of you have other stressors in your life. Work, family, finance… and consistently adding high levels of training stress to those are a recipe for disaster!

➡️ Restless sleep; Low energy or motivation; irritability; and eventually INJURY!


So, if not Annihilation, what?


Instead… focus on training to STIMULATE!

✅ To move the body effectively through a varied range of motion.

✅ Strengthening the muscles at the extremities (as well as the belly)

✅ Challenging the body with a variety rep ranges and intensities focussing on building strength and resilience of the muscles

✅ On working the heart rate at 70 – 85% as much as you do at 90%+

✅ Varying your exercise modality in order to cover many bases.


Unless you are a professional athlete the gym sessions should be there to replace the movements we lack due to our sedentary life.


Equally… Your training sessions should leave you energised; NOT demolished, allowing you to carry out your day and better respond to the stressors that are thrown at you.

Your training session should STIMULATE you to be able to achieve more, to TAKE more and more importantly to GIVE more to those around you.

So please stop annihilating yourself in the gym, there are better ways to get results.


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