Stop using exercise and diet to lose weight - they don’t work

Sorry to bust your bubble but no matter how many times you use these stalwarts of the weight loss industry to lose weight you will consistently fail.

Test the theory…

How many times have you dieted?
How many times have you started a new exercise regime?
How many times have you actually succeeded?

And when we talk about success, we aren’t talking about the 2 stone in 2-month BS that never lasts more than a year – We are talking about long term… We are talking about the weight you lost and never put back on, we are taking about the exercise regime you stuck with for 3 years or more, we are talking about whether or not you are actually fitter, healthier, and happier than when you started your journey.

Are you indeed still exercising and focused on nourishing your body the way it deserves?

If not, then I am afraid you are part of the statistic that proves the statement to be true and while you continue to see diet and exercise as a tool for weight loss you will continue to fail!

That’s not to say diet and exercise won’t elicit a weight loss response – oh they will, but if that is your primary goal it won’t last.

Weight loss should be viewed as an added bonus – the icing on the cake if you will.

If not for weight loss, then why?

Exercise to look after the one body you have (you aren’t getting another one), to ensure it serves you through middle age, through old age and beyond, to ensure we unburden those around us those who love us, to ensure we can continue to be there for them, for the rest of our lives.

Exercise is essential in a sedentary world, our body is designed to move, to breath, and to sweat, it’s designed to be strong, to pick things up, to move things, to throw things, to sprint, to twist, to turn, and to run <— how much of that are you doing now?

Exercise gives us the opportunity, through movement, through strength training, and through conditioning to keep our joints mobile, our muscles strong and our heart and lungs healthy to ensure our body can serve us.

Equally our body wants to be nourished, to be fueled with high quality fuel, full of micronutrients, colours and vitality. Yes, calorific intake is important but not as important as the nutrients we take in. Try it you will feel better, have more energy, you will look better, your hair, skin, and nails will all repair quicker, you will stay young for longer – and that is why you should eat well, the weight loss is just an added bonus.

Real world, long term, continued and sustainable progress doesn’t come through exercising or dieting for weight loss. It comes through focusing on the processes (not the outcomes) required to build healthy foundations and adding skills and facets to your life that will increase your health, strength, and mobility – which in turn will lead to the outcomes you desire

You don’t have to do it all at once, start slow, but be committed to keep moving forward, to improve daily, weekly, and for the rest of your life

Start walking more, increase your daily step count, join a local strollers club, seek a personal coach who cares about your long-term success, start moving your body in many different ways, strengthen your core, and your skeletal muscles

Eat more veg and nutrient dense foods, drink more water, look at better cuts of meat and eat more fish, reduce your fast food intake, reduce your ready meals, cook more from fresh.

Just do something, do it today, and commit to consistency and moving forward each week, each month

Your body will thank you for it

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