Ankle Mobility with JWL Sports Therapy

Last week, Jonny from JWL Sports Therapy joined one of our remote coffee mornings to discuss ankle health with some of the SSA members. He sent over a list of mobility and flexibility exercises you can do to help strengthen the ankle.

Joint Mobility

Ankle Circles
Move the ankle in a circular motion concentrate on achieving maximum range all the way through the movement.

Kneeling Dorsi Flexion
Do this with either an elevated, or flat toe, lower the body encouraging the knee forwards over the toes, ensuring your heel stays on the floor.

Kneeling Dorsi Flexion with knee twists
The same movement as the exercise above but include an inward and outward motion with the knee at the end range.


Kneeling Extension
Sit down onto your heels with the tops of your feet flat on the floor and slowly lift one knee off the floor.

Deep Squat hold (use weight for help with getting greater depth)
Move into a deep squat and bring your body into the knees and hold.

Ankle Clocks
place one foot facing forwards the must remain still throughout the movement. Slowly move the opposite foot around in a clock shape with the standing foot at the centre of the clock.



Muscle Flexibility

Gastrocnemius Stretch
Extend back leg keeping your heel on the floor and work this into your full range.

Soleus Stretch
Same motion as the gastroc stretch above just bring the back leg closer to the wall and ensure the back leg is bent.

Tib Posterior Stretch
In the same position as the soleus stretch just aim to bring the back legs knee behind the front legs knee whilst keeping the foot stable facing forwards.

Tib Anterior Stretch
Sit down onto heels with feet flat on the floor.

Plantar Fascia Stretch
Curl toes up and press the ball of the foot down into the floor.

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