Treat your body more like your business

Within your business, I am sure the setting of goals, highlighting of areas to improve, and tracking of KPIs are commonplace, as I expect will be the employment of experts to help with areas in need of attention.

Yet with your health and your body (much like a business destined to fail) you continually ignore obvious signs of weakness and evidence of decline, a trend that if persists will ultimately end in ruin for you, and potentially your business.

So maybe it’s time to start treating your physical wellbeing a little more like you treat your business.

Set some appropriate goals, track tangible indicators of progress, and identify some obvious weaknesses that might hold you back and maybe, just maybe, hire an expert to help you get it right first time.

Whilst your goals are your own, and there is no-one better placed than you to identify what is holding you back from progress, there are some universal health and fitness KPIs you can start to keep track of today to help you take those first steps.

Daily Activity
Spend more time on your feet. Take a 10 minute walk every couple of hours or even add in a mile walk before and/or after work. Not only will you be healthier, but these breaks will give you valuable thinking time and space away from your desk to solve difficult problems. Those who spend more time on their feet and are active everyday are consistently healthier and leaner than their sedentary counterparts. You can monitor progress using a daily activity tracker that can accurately measure your movement. If you aren’t hitting 8,000 steps per day I’d suggest it’s an area that needs some desperate attention!

The increasing amount of research on sleep is damning, providing evidence of serious health implications for individuals regularly getting less than seven hours per night. Issues ranging from weight gain and joint pain, to serious cognitive and mental health disorders. Again, health trackers can be utilised to get an overview of your sleep patterns both in terms of quality and quantity.

Drink more water, take a 500ml bottle and track how many times you fill it up in a day. Aim for a minimum of three and work up from there. If it’s easy to drink five cups of coffee per day and sink a bottle of wine on an evening, it really can’t be that difficult to consume the necessary quantities of water.

Structured Exercise Sessions
You delegate parts of your business to others, so maybe it’s time to delegate your health and fitness to a professional who understands the pressure a modern businessperson is under. One that takes a hybrid approach to your training, ensuring improvement in all areas from movement and mobility, to fitness and strength.

The right coach will know how to develop a programme that will alleviate stress and improve all areas of your life, so that you’re able to give more to your business, your friends and more importantly, your family.

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