Who is SSA…

SSA was born out of the frustration from watching the fitness industry (whose ultimate job it
is to help people fall in love with the fitness journey) confuse and compound the problems
its clients were hoping it would help them solve. Encouraging them to do more and more
complex and difficult workouts while constantly chastising the lifestyle and food choices
they made. It was getting to the point where unless you had a super toned six pack body
and were sore for days after training then you just weren’t doing fitness right… and it wasn’t
for you.

The more elitist the fitness world was becoming, the more all-consuming it grew for the
people participating in it and ultimately having a more negative impact on their life than it
was positive… People were spending so much time beating themselves up in the gym that
their life outside of it was functioning less and less effectively.

Thankfully things are slowly changing with the rise of quality coaches and independent gyms
that care deeply about their members, but when SSA was first conceived, fitness was being
moved away from, and being made more unobtainable to the people who needed it most…

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At that time, it was becoming more and more apparent that the fitness world should
probably shoulder a large part of the blame for the complicatedly unhealthy relationships
people were developing with not only fitness, and food but their own self-worth and body

And an industry that has so much power to create positive change and help people give so
much more to life was becoming a place where the people who needed it most just didn’t
want to visit and felt anxious at the thought of contacting a trainer for help or visiting a local

Rarely were these thoughts ever waylaid when the fitness ‘outsiders’ plucked up the
courage to overcome their fears and reach out for help to local trainers or gyms. Still today
we are regularly reprised of stories from new members who have wanted help for so long
but have been put off by previous experiences with other gyms and coaches explaining the
intimidating, egotistical, and narcissistic environments they were introduced into.

Gym results, such as how much, and fast you can lift, how your body looked, and how you
compared to others in the gym were placed above the enjoyment of life and physical
freedom your gym pursuits allowed you to have.

Not a particularly mature environment, and definitely not one I enjoyed!

We felt it was time for the fitness world to change, to grow up, and to start providing an
environment and a professionalism that would help people no longer see exercise as
punishment but as nourishment for the body and to see how their time spent in the gym
can enhance their overall life experience away from it.

Work with us… http://suffolkstrengthacademy.co.uk/trial-ssa

So SSA was born!

To help people learn to incorporate fitness into their lives without it taking over

To understand the true benefit of healthful pursuits while still enjoying the things they love

To fall in love with the process of fitness and see that it can be both purposeful and

And above all to INSPIRE POSITIVE CHANGE – This is our PURPOSE

To inspire others to believe in their own personal greatness & understand the impact fitness
can have on their lives so that they can inspire those around them. – This is our MISSION

To help YOU fall in love with the process of fitness, achieve a healthy lifestyle, and live and
move with greater freedom and energy, allowing you to unlock your full potential. – This is

Work with us… http://suffolkstrengthacademy.co.uk/trial-ssa

Everything we do at SSA is in place to help us fulfil our purpose, our mission, and our
promise to you, all of which is underpinned by our 3 Pillars and our Core Values.

3 pillars

It is our belief that through providing the right environment, experience, and education we
can help you move forward positively and use your fitness journey to provide a platform for
future successes in all areas of your live.

Environment – Designed around people who care deeply about your success our
environment is about more than the décor, it’s about the nurturing and supportive welcome
given to everyone (by everyone) who enters the facility and designed to inspire you towards
your greatest successes.

Experience – Every visit to SSA is devised to help you build an enthusiastic relationship with
your training program, creating a desire to come back time and time again and work with
others towards your goals.

Education – It is easy to give you what you need to succeed in the short term but at SSA we
are committed to positive change and that means sharing with you all the information and
truth you need to make the changes that will last for the rest of your life.

Core Values

SSA people lead by example and encourage those following to believe in themselves and
unlock their own unique potential.

• Be professional and present at all times
• Take personal responsibility in every circumstance
• Be engaging and be human.

SSA people inspire others to lead and accomplish more while consistently holding
themselves to higher standards.

• Live your core values
• Be a source of strength and positivity
• Be natural, be you, be honest

SSA people feel empathy with members and teammates, nurturing positive relationships
and genuine bonds.

• Build, nurture, and create lasting relationships
• Share your knowledge and contribute to the success of others
• Show humility and support others when they need it most

SSA people are constantly evolving and looking to improve themselves in all areas of life.

• Educate yourself and apply what you learn
• Take calculated risks (knowing failure is a chance to learn)
• Adjust and Improve

Be committed to becoming your best version and living you best life

Be Inspired,

Work with us… http://suffolkstrengthacademy.co.uk/trial-ssa