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Our aim

Our aim

Our aim is quite simply to help you perform better

Help you take the necessary steps to create a healthier, fitter, and stronger version of yourself so you can perform to your potential with your family, your work, and in your sport.

We know we can help you because we have already helped someone just like you do exactly the same

You just need to contact us so we can get you started.


From retired teachers to strongmen; amateur athletes to professional coaches; housewives to businessmen, we have a history of success which we are extremely proud of in fact, its what we are built on…

RESULTS… It’s just what we do.

It’s IMPERATIVE TO US that we get results, we stake our reputation on it and we want to do the same for you as we have so many before you you just need to see the varying types of transformations our members have had to see the wide range of people we have helped.

We’d be lying though if we didn’t admit they all had a few things in common they were ready to accept and apply our methods

  • Ready to work hard towards their objectives
  • Ready to finally achieve goals they had never reached before
  • Ready to accept responsibility and do what is required to achieve their goals

We are not here to tell you it is going to be an easy journey (the worthwhile journeys never are) or even hold your hand every step of the way, however we will give you EVERYTHING you could ever need to succeed; including the support of not only the coaches, but of ALL the other members who are willing you to succeed as much as we are…

See, that’s the thing…

Suffolk Strength Academy is the only gym we have ever been involved in where THE OTHER MEMBERS THRIVE ON YOUR SUCCESS as much as you do. They genuinely WANT YOU TO SUCCEED and will help any way they can… and our coaches... well they are pretty cool too and can’t wait to help you.

  • Enjoy standing naked in front of the mirror
  • Men to fill your t-shirt across the top rather than the midsection
  • Women to rock your party frock while out-lifting all the men you know
  • Have the energy to outlast the energy of your children… and your partner ;)
  • Become the strongest person your friends know

In fact, regardless of where you are now or what your ultimate goal may be, we can help you perform better in all aspects of life… its something we promise all our members.

So, if you think your ready…