Is your mind set stopping your progress?

Is your mind set stopping your progress?
I talk a lot about mindset, mainly because it is your mindset that will determine your outcome in almost anything you do
What is yours like?
Is it one of growth, or is it fixed
Does it believe you can change over time, get better if you practice or does it believe your skills are limited depending upon your ability?
Too many people in society today are of the mindset that talent is given, talent is something you are born with and you have a glass ceiling that cannot be broken
When the truth is in fact down to your application, your willingness to develop your skills, to work hard, and to push the boundaries of your abilities
Regardless of what it is you pursue, you can achieve anything you set out if you have the time, inclination, and determination to chase your dream
Too many people have done it before you to say it cannot be done
Too many people have achieved things beyond what others thought they were capable
Even Muhammad Ali…
When Cassius Clay set out to fight Sonny Liston, nobody believed he could win… he was just not good enough
Knocked down by journeyman Sonny Banks and two controversial wins against Doug Jones, and our own Henry Cooper (after his trainer stalled for time between rounds)
All this while Sonny Liston was as feared as Mike Tyson, more ferocious and more indestructible, there was no way Clay could win
But he found a way, he took the talent he had, developed it, used his skilled talking to undermine the opponent, making him believe he was unpredictable
Simple fact is despite the global adulation for being the best… ‘of all time’ now, when he started not many thought he would amount to much, he didn’t fit the bill of what heavyweights should be
He was different, but he believed in his ability to beat anyone,he just knew he had to work harder and smarter to achieve it
Its not just him, but look at Beckham, Will Smith, Usain Bolt, Novak Djokovic, Michael Jordan, the list could go on
Research any of their stories, they didn’t reach the top because they were talented, they reached it because they worked harder and wanted it more than anyone else
I am not saying they did not have talent, but others had more, and never reached the same heights
You can change and become anything you want to be, achieve ANYTHING you want if you are willing to work for it
So stop fucking about with the pity me tales, of this is the way I have always been, ooh I was never blessed the way they were,
You are where you are right now because that’s all the effort you have put in deserves
It’s that fucking simple!
That includes your mindset, if you sit there with a fixed mindset believing the world is against you, that you have been held back, that you never get opportunities
Its time to change and grow, start grabbing life with both hands and make things happen for you and your family

Unleash your potential…

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