We did it in a library once

We did it in a library once

Remember that Dick & Dom segment on Saturday mornings,


the one with the Bogies…


I loved that shit,


(even if it was probably aimed at a younger crowd, and defo wasn’t designed to be hangover telly)


Not remember it?… basically the lads would head into public spaces and shout bogies with ever increasing volume until one bottled it.


Even at 20 me and the lads used to do it… cinemas, shops… and yes libraries


Simple…? Yes; Childish…? Yes; Funny as f*ck…? also a resounding yes!


Radio 1 on Saturday wasn’t < - - it was DISGRACE!


They utilised the same set up to (I.M.O.) embarrass new gym members.


Replacing ‘BOGIES’




With some muppet explaining how the newbies were easy to spot… and how he wishes they would hurry up and be done with it quickly so


‘he could get his gym back’


before shouting the phrase, having already explained that a number of ‘obvious newbies’ were using the gym at the time


Now I don’t know whether he was an instructor or a regular gym goer,


But I do know he is typical (and its not just men) of the classic gym crowd


The ones that intimidate put off and suck the life out of people’s enjoyment of the gym


The ones that are threatened by new people and like the comfort surrounding themselves with other mindless, egotistical pricks


‘Birds of a feather flock together’ and all that…


It’s no wonder you have struggled in the past to get started and keep going,


f*ck me if I was starting out… I would likely hate it too!


I did… !


That’s why I never settled in the commercial gym environment,


it’s why I never felt part of it – And I was a PT!!!


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It was my experience in these places that encouraged me to set up Suffolk Strength Academy and try and correct all the problems I witnessed at the time


It’s why we take ‘newbies’ and help turn them in to regular gym goers… showing interest in their progress


Introducing them to all our members


AND ultimately giving them more than a gym, giving them a sanctuary away from the bullshit… so if they did ever want to go back…


(They never do)


…They are leap years ahead of the muppets who once intimidated them


It is true… Birds of a feather DO flock together,


We just FLY WITH A BETTER QUALITY OF BIRD at Suffolk Strength Academy


And we would love you to fly with us




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