STOP worrying about sets, reps, temp, etc

STOP worrying about sets, reps, temp, etc

Your body understands none of this shit in fact your body doesn't even understand the concept of weight it knows but one thing… HARD WORK.

Thats it, no more, no less… just hard fucking work, and the sooner you stop worrying about reps, sets, tempos and all the other BS created by exercise 'scientists' to make exercise sound more complicated than it is the SOONER YOU WILL GET RESULTS. And thats what you want right? …results.

When you started out you wanted to get fitter, stronger, healthier, or just look sexier but somewhere along the line you got so confused by the bullshit you started searching for the right way, the best way, etc and completely forgot about the simplicity of HARD WORK.

In all honesty it matters not WHAT you do but HOW you do it. Science can play its part, but it can never replace strapping a set on and giving your all seriously if you work hard, and give your all, its…


If you push your body to do more than it has done in the past:-

  • Lift more
  • Run further
  • Run faster

…it will be FORCED TO IMPROVE. It won't be able to do anything about it, regardless of what rep range or tempo you use - so stop worrying about that shit. To grow and develop, to improve your body needs to do more than it has done in that past THAT IS ALL.

So track your workouts; pay attention to what you lift, push, pull, press and how many times; note your run times, and your distances and promise yourself you will do more than you did last time then you can give up worrying about the shit that distracts you from your results and focus on become the strong, healthier, fitter, sexier version that you promised yourself when you started.

Unleash your potential…

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