Stop confusing your arse with your elbow

Stop confusing your arse with your elbow

So many people paralysed with trepidation and self-doubt that they fail to ever get started. They worry about how things ‘SHOULD’ be done, what is the ‘PERFECT’ way to get started; and then the trainers come along and make things worse. They tell everyone who will listen there is only one way to do thing, 100 teaching points before they perform an exercise about the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods that MUST or MUST NOT be eaten. Before long people desperate to start, desperate to improve there lives are so confused they can no longer tell their arse from their elbow. So confused about getting things right they simply forget to do the work; they forget that GETTING STARTED is the most important thing.

Getting started and staying consistent, progressing and adapting as they go, they get so confused they start to plan, plan everything… they even make plans to plan, scheduling in everything but for fun and for sex - no time for that, besides they’ve heard it stops your gainz bro! And by the time they have finished planning they can no longer be arsed to start or when they do. They need reassuring they are doing it right. They forget there is no right or wrong way; just the way that works for them. They forget everything and go back to sitting on the sofa and the comfort of the bullshit box. Yet if they had just started, they would be closer to their goal, they could have got better as they went on.

So if the gym you go to, or your trainer is making things sound more complicated than they should be then maybe its time to try somewhere else. Apparently the guys at Suffolk strength academy keep it all pretty simple and focus quite simply on getting people the results they deserve…

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