Simple drills to help with wrist pain

How much attention do you give to your wrists when you train?

Thought so?

Pretty much any exercise you do involves them but you pay them no attention.

Whether it’s a dumbbell row, shoulder press, pull up, press up, handstand deadlift, or even a squat requires both wrist mobility and strength.

Have you ever thought that maybe the pain in your elbow, or your shoulder could be improved with better wrist mechanics?

Equally that the pain in your wrist might improve if you start to look how it functions and how it can be improved

The fact is better wrist mechanics and strength can help improve almost any of your exercises, definitely in terms of comfort if not in strength (of which it will help most also)

Here at Suffolk Strength Academy we understand the importance of wrist mechanics and have some simple drills to improve both mobility and strength within the wrist

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