September Finishers (Top 3) - Personal Training in Ipswich

September Finishers (Top 3) - Personal Training in Ipswich

Every week our expert coaches create a challenge for our members to try and match up against

These challenges more often than not lend themselves to finishers that we use at the end of our sessions to make sure our all our members get the amazing results we are known for.


Here are our top 3 for September


20x Battle ropes above head
20x Strokes on the Ski-Erg
20m Push / Pull on the sled (Male +40kg : Ladies + 20kg)

Make sure battle rope reps each clear the head, move as quickly as possible between the exercises and be as dynamic as possible throughout

Complete as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes as a finisher

OR/ Do it once through as a challenge and see if you can beat our coaches time

Score = Time taken to complete

Coach -- 58s 




10x Burpees
10x Med Ball Slams

Ladies - 3/6kg med ball

Med - 9/12kg Med Ball

As a finisher set the clock to 5 minutes and see how many rounds you can complete

OR/ Take on our coach and do 3 rounds in as quick as time as possible

3 rounds in as quick a time as possible

Score = Time taken to complete 3 rounds

Coach --> 2:20




Back Squat And Behind Neck Push press Ladder

We reckon this is the toughest challenge of the lot, keep the same 3 minute time limit whether you are looking to do it as a challenge or a finisher and enjoy...

Set the bar up at around 1/2 your bodyweight +/-5 - 10kg depending upon your strength level

and set the clock at 3:00

Peform increasing reps 1 push press : 2 back squat as below

Push Press - - > 1/2/3/4/5/6 etc
Back Squat - - > 2/4/6/8/10/12 etc

Score = Number of reps performed

Coach --> 66reps

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