Reduce Shoulder and Neck Pain

Shoulder and neck pain are more common than ever due to postural issues associated with desk based work.

These problems are at times only exasperated by poor movement patterns during training programs or inadequate warm up protocols which fail to take into account the importance of shoulder and thoracic mobility following a day at the desk

here are three of my favourite and simplest warm up protocols you SHOULD be doing prior to training if you have spent the day behind your desk

LEVEL 1 - Warm up - Thoracic Spine mobility [1] - Suffolk Strength Academy

LEVEL 2 - warm up - thoracic spine mobility [2] - Suffolk Strength Academy

LEVEL 3 - Warm up - Thoracic Spine Mobility [3] - Suffolk Strength Academy

Next time you are prepping for an upper body session give one of these warm up combinations a go and mix with the Wrist mobility drills For maximal effect.

you will find the links to all 3 videos in the description of each video, enjoy


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