how to prevent weight gain over christmas

how to prevent weight gain over christmas

Its right about now that the whole Christmas thing takes over the world

And I am gonna be honest… I fucking LOVE it

I cannot deny it. I am a full on 100% sucker for Xmas, so much so that my long-term goals include taking at least three week off at xmas so I can enjoy it fully

(Currently I am at 10 days and have been for a couple of years, and not since I worked as a barman in my teens have I worked a day over Christmas)

And yes that includes increased, and at times excessive, alcohol consumption, it includes fry-ups daily at my parents, sweets, chocolates, and desserts before lunch, after lunch, and at pretty much any time during the day I feel like it.

It includes pies, savoury snacks, and probably some more alcohol, and where possible it includes the odd training session.

But with all this going on how do you stop it ruining all your good work.

Well… YOU DON’T!!

Unless you are a competing athlete and it is essential to maintain your progress, you just fucking enjoy it

You don’t stress, you don’t worry, and you enjoy the festivities, you drink a little more, you eat a little more

If you are looking after yourself the rest of the year, why are you worried…

as soon as the new year starts, you are back at work, then you will be back in your old routine and your body will return to its former state before the end of January

- - > For those of you who are on… off… on… off…, you are fucked anyway, Christmas is not your problem, your mindset and your discipline is

the way you eat, live, train, sleep, and function is not designed to help you function more effectively 90% of the year, then why should xmas be any different?

Nothing I can share with you will a/ be of any use to you… b/ would not be applied anyway.

You earn the freedom to do as you please during summer holidays, parties and the festive period, through the daily practice of living a life that puts your health, vitality, and energy levels at the forefront of your thinking

You don’t have to be perfect, just to improve where possible and stick to the disciplines that will get you where you want to go

The good thing is, is that when you do this, you will naturally moderate the way you act over Xmas, you actually do not enjoy feeling like shit for days on end, you will therefore not purge yourself daily

You will relax, yes have more alcohol, junk food, and calories, but you also know the importance of remaining fully functional so you can enjoy every moment.

And you will go to the gym, because it is just what you do.

For years I have done exactly as I please over Christmas and it has not ruined my ‘gainz’ or my waistline, because I look after myself and nourish and respect the body I was born into.

Yes I do all the things I mentioned earlier, but I also ensure I drink 2 litres of water per day, 5 – 10 portions of vegetables, get adequate sleep, and go to the gym every few days or so

So in short…

my tips for not getting gaining weight over the xmas are simple

Spend the rest of your year treating your body like it is the only one you get, understanding that when its fucked, its fucked

The more you abuse it, the quicker it becomes fucked

Do this and you wont have to worry about xmas

Ben ‘Doesn’t do shitty xmas tips’ Gray

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