January done then... no more fitness!?

January done then... no more fitness!?

So you may have wondered why we haven’t been making a dash for the whole New Year new you gym members,


You may have been waiting for a January deal, or offer to entice you into Suffolk Strength Academy

In fact you may have indeed wondered why we have been SOOO quiet for SOOO long… or not!?


You may in all honesty be wondering why the f*** has this dude even sent me an email < - - I will get to that in a sec


But Suffolk Strength Academy is not a club that believes in the whole January rush, in fact our club was busier in November and December than it was any month in 2016


(Maybe give us a look if you are tired of a fitness journey full of false starts)

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Because we help people not only enjoy their fitness journey, but introduce them to the importance of consistency and optimal training


We show them how to love fitness, and how to incorporate it into their lives without it ever feeling like a chore


We introduce them to a club without egos, posturing, or quick fixes


We simply encourage them to become part of our immense community and let the rest of the story run its course


Our members love this place and have made some lifelong friends along their journey - - > and yes they are healthier, sexier, and fittier than ever


^^ but that’s not what they come back for


They come to be part of something, something that is almost impossible to understand until your in it


And we would love to invite you in. (That’s why I am emailing)


At some point, in someway you have given me permission to email you and I would love to share with you some regular updates, videos, hints, and tips, to get you in shape this year, and for the rest of your life


We understand you may already have a gym membership and that is cool, you don’t have to join us straight away,


However, we believe we can offer you an experience greater than the one you currently have, so we would love you to stay tuned and let us show you what we have to offer…


Equally we don’t want to spam you with more crap than you already receive in your email box already


So please feel free to hit the unsubscribe button you will see below.




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Unleash your potential…

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