Ipswich Personal Trainer | October Program | Exercise Tutorials

Ipswich Personal Trainer | October Program | Exercise Tutorials

Every week we provide an exercise tutorial over on our facebook page once a month we bring these exercises together to provide you with a simple program anyone can carry out in their own gym or at home.




A1 - SPLIT SQUAT 4 x 12 on each leg (30s Rest)

A2 - FACE PULL activation  4 x 8 with a pause (30s rest)  


B1 - KB Sumo Deadlift 5 X 10 (90s Rest)


C1 - Plank 4 X 45s (15s Rest)

C2 - Face Pull 4 x 12 (15s Rest)


See below for tutorial videos on each of the exercises and more information on how to work your reps, sets and rest periods



Lower the back knee slowly before rising fast, performing 12 reps on one leg before moving to the other, don't rest between legs, and the have 30s rest before moving into your face pulls. With the face pull focus on elevating the chest and pausing for a couple of seconds at the top of the movement




Choose a weight you can complete 12 reps comfortably with and perform 10 reps, before resting 90 seconds and repeating. If you complete all 50 reps increase the weight next time you do the exercise




Work on the plank position as shown for 45 seconds prior to resting 15 and moving onto the face pull. This face pull has a different stance and hand position to face pull in A series focus on a heavier weight making sure you can complete the 12 reps comfortably for the firs set, rest 15 s before moving back to plank

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