How many times have you gone to the wrong person?

How many times have you gone to the wrong person?

How many times have you had issues you feel you need to discuss with someone…

But rather than go to them direct, you bitch with friends

Complain about the issue, but never actually deal with it… that is until it has eaten you up so badly that you just run

Whether that be breaking a friendship, a relationship, leaving your job, or even stopping visiting a place you enjoy going (but for this one issue)

One issue which maybe if you spoke direct to the people, company, or individual involved, you may have discovered it was not even something they had considered, or something they were completely unaware was happening.

You see me; my first instinct is to always trust the person is doing whatever the issue may be for the right reasons, then rather than go round the houses, canvasing opinion, or support for my beliefs I approach the person direct

It’s the quickest easiest way to resolve any unclear problems.

Its also the best way to ensure you get what you want out of any given situation

Finally, doing it this way helps me feel at ease, it ensures I don’t bring others into a situation which may or may not exist, it also ensures I do not sour the name of anyone without understanding there point of view.

And ultimately I do this because it helps me sleep at night, it helps me remain calm, focused, and mentally at ease

You see this health and fitness malarkey is about more than what you eat and drink, about more than how you look and your body composition,

it’s about how you act and feel, how you operate your life, and how to become truly happy, confident, and free of stress

Health and fitness is about putting things in place to improve your life overall

And you can only do this by dealing with all life’s problems directly, not skirting the issue hoping for an easy option to come available, it wont, it never does…

If you want to be fit & healthy, you MUST be happy, and if you want to be happy you MUST deal with the things bothering you the most

NOT drag others down around you into the same thought patterns

Unleash your potential…

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