How to make effective New Years Resolutions

How to make effective New Years Resolutions

So I have spent the last few weeks sharing with you the very likely expectation that next year will follow the exact same pattern as the last year and the year before


There’s a fair amount of evidence that suggests this is going to be the case


And I make no apologies for making these predictions


However, there will be a couple of you reading this and finally be sick of the same old bullshit, finally want something better for yourself


Unfortunately though you are not sure where to start when it comes to making new years resolutions, so to help you I would like to share with you how I make mine


Firstly… I don’t make them


They’re a fucking waste of time…. You see, everyone makes new years resolutions and no one sticks to them (me included)


- - > The first rule of getting different outcomes, is taking a different approach


and if you truly do want to make next year different then I suggest you do the same and STOP doing the same as everyone else!!


Whilst I no longer make resolutions I do make plans and set some goals


And they are normally about my life as a whole, and I make them with my family


And look at all areas of my life


Health; Fitness; Fun; Travel; hobbies; business;


Each area will be written on a big white board, and I will write my expectations for the year on one side, with Michelle writing hers on the other


We will then have a section in the middle where we will bring our plans for the year together


Once this has been done we will then design our week and create our daily habits and start to make plans for the following year 


Our DAILY HABITS are the habits that will ensure we have the energy, health, and fitness to carry out our lives in the manner we wish to


They are also there to develop any new patterns we wish to install


(it takes 66 days on average to establish a new habit… IF its done every day)


The DESIGN of our week is there to safeguard our time, and be sure we are productive where necessary. In that week goes EVERYTHING from family time, to training & fitness; reading and study time to leisure activities. It also includes all work activities from coaching to marketing; content creation to new ventures


it keeps us accountable to our time; rather than wasting it away and it makes it MORE likely we will achieve the goals we set out for ourselves


Ultimately it ensures our lives becomes the kind we dreamt of rather than the kind of daily existence in which we see ourselves just get by


Finally the plans are for the big things, the items that don’t happen every week


Competitions, music gigs, theatre visits, travel and holidays etc or scheduled in throughout the year to make sure we get to enjoy the journey.


Because that’s the point of your new years resolutions surely?… to create a life which enables you to be better and enjoy more of the journey.


Go away make some plans; change the direction in which your life is travelling and ditch the new years resolution, you already know you are not going to stick to them

Unleash your potential…

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