Home of Personal Training in Ipswich - January

Home of Personal Training in Ipswich - January

Coaches Notes

What an outstanding start to 2017 here at Suffolk Strength Academy building on our best ever three months at the end of 2016.

January saw the introduction of our heart rate tracking system into the facility which has been another game changer for our members helping them stay on top of effort, exertion, and rest periods. As well as bring them all closer, increase the camaraderie, and atmosphere during our sessions, not to mention a touch of competitiveness between everyone.

(PS - Julia / Stephen are you gonna lets us know a... who won? and more importantly b... whats the forfeit for the loser?)

Finally I would like to say a huge welcome to a number of new members here at Suffolk Strength Academy... Mythilli Nalam, Victoria Gee, & Emma Bevan, great to have you as part of the team, and to see you all fitting in so well with our other members. We cannot wait to help you achieve your goals in the coming months



Member of The Month

Becky Stammers has had an outstanding start to 2017 attending the gym 14 times averaging over 200 MEPs each session at an average HR of 79%.

Congratulations Becky keep up the good work and thank you for being part of the Suffolk Strength Academy family

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If you haven't had a chance yet, please check out the blogs below we have released over on the Suffolk Strength Academy page, we try and keep them short, fun, while offering you some help check them out below

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Next Month @ SSA...

Next month will see us fully introduce the InBody scanner for all of our members so they can accurately track not just weight but... Hydration, Muscle Mass, Fat %, B.M.I., Hip to waist ratio, and Metabolic Rate < - - All without taking their clothes off.

We will also be getting together socially on Saturday 25th February at the Ultimate Ninja UK course in Colchester. It's about more than just the exercise here at Suffolk Strength Academy

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