Fitter Food at Suffolk Strength Academy

Fitter Food at Suffolk Strength Academy

What an absolute pleasure it was to have Matt & Kerris from Fitter Food down to Suffolk Strength Academy late last week.

I still can’t believe you did not have a ticket??

With all the bullshit information and buy my shit programs all over the internet Matt & Keris break through all that with information to help normal people reclaim their health.

I will be honest I did not expect the talk to be as in depth and as insightful as it turned out.

Having read the first fitter food book, I knew they would be sharing some great information that EVERYONE should not only know but should be applying to their lives

But they delivered oh so much more, backing the scientific research up with practical application of how it helps, and real world examples of people who have succeeded doing exactly that

They shared the importance of understanding your past influences, how they impact your current situation, and how to measure where you are right now in a simple way so you can create and develop nutrition plans that are unique to your specific needs

…And I am not talking about the usual macro splits, calorie counting, or restrictive approaches but simple self tests you can administer to get a deeper understanding of your bodies own innate make up, and how to fuel it effectively for real life results

Not the fat loss, or weight loss results you might expect (they come) but so much more, how to rebalance hormonal resistance; blood sugar, energy and strategies to overcome health problems you would think you just have to live with.

I cannot promise I will be able to get them back down later in the year for another talk; however if I do, you would be foolish to miss out.

For now you can check them out at… and purchase their books from the link below

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