Fitter Food (The ART of the perfect diet plan)

Fitter Food (The ART of the perfect diet plan)

Suffolk Strength Academy are pleased to announce a one off nutrition seminar brought to you by Matt Whitmore & Keris Marsden


Eating an awesome diet of good quality great tasting food is essential for long term health, performance and body composition goals

The guys at Fitter Food know this in fact, you could say they wrote the book on it

in this 3 hour seminar Matt & Keris will share with you everything you need to achieve the level of vibrant health that will guarantee you long term results and the body you have always wanted

So come and join us for 3 x 45 minute talks of essential nutrition and training education and take your health and fat loss to the next level! 

What will be covered:

TALK 1: Creating the foundations for optimal hormonal function, lifestyle change and body composition change 

* Anti inflammatory nutrition to fuel your training and goals
* How stress is affecting the size of your waist and how to change it
* Sleep and how it is making or breaking your fat burning/muscle building potential?

* * 15 MINUTE BREAK* * 

TALK 2: Adapting Macros to YOUR Needs for the Best Results

* The specific variables our nutritional requirements are based upon
* Low fat Vs Low Carb (who's right, who's wrong)
* How to adapt any plan to work for your unique needs

* * 15 MINUTE BREAK * * 

TALK 3: Understanding Pre and Post Workout Nutrition for Optimal Recovery and results

* Tailoring pre and post workout nutrition to both your performance and body composition goals
* Why post workout nutrition is so important
* Is your training working against you?



Unleash your potential…

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