Home of Personal Training in Ipswich - February

Home of Personal Training in Ipswich - February

Coaches Notes

February has continued much in the same vein as January - check our stats to see how we are doing (bottom of email). We do hope your start to the year has continued and you are getting the results you are hoping for.

We have also now implemented the InBody system so we can accurately track the progress of each of our members - and 

Make accurate recommendations in exercise type and intensity as well as nutritional advice that guarantees results < - - Something many have forgotten about.

Outside of results and progress our community visited Ultimate Ninja UK in Colchester this month also and had an awesome day challenging ourselves on the apparatus. It was great to see the strength and fitness they have developed with us cross over so well to such a challenging course.



Member of The Month

Dave Norman has had an outstanding February - one of the gyms unsung heroes - as he does every month. Attending the gym 16 times averaging over 194 MEPs each session at an average HR of 74%.

Congratulations Dave keep up the good work and thank you for being part of the Suffolk Strength Academy family

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If you haven't had a chance yet, please check out the our blogs below we have released over on the Suffolk Strength Academy page, we try and keep them short, fun, while offering you some help check them out below

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Next Month @ SSA...

MARCH CHALLENGE - All the members of will be entering a challenge where we compare body fat, muscle mass, attendance, effort points, and average intesnity of sessions - keep yourself posted over on the Suffolk Strength Academy Facebook Page

We will also be getting together socially For a game of bowling in Martlesham, although the time / date is TBC.


Gym by Numbers...

Many gyms survive on the number of members they have who only occasionally / never visit the gym... we are different, we love our members and we want them to visit us so they can achieve their goals.

Highlighted below is our stats on member visits, and quality of work they put in when they were here.

94.9% of our members attended the gym this month averaging of 7.6 visitseach

Total # MEPs achieved = 78,063 (average 165MEPs / session)

Average calorie burn per session / member = 574Kcal (all with strength based training)

Average % max heart rate achieved during session = 72%

Membership retention = 98.3%

N.B. - MEPs are our member energy points accrued during the sessions as calculated by our HR tracking system



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