Everyone has forgotten about results

Everyone has forgotten about results

Here at Suffolk Strength Academy, whilst your experience with us, and the atmosphere throughout the facility are of paramount importance, we do not believe we are fulfilling our purpose if we are unable to deliver you the results you desire, or have a positive impact on your life as a whole.





Results come first, and whilst we are happy to be judged on how you fit your clothes – whether you want to slip into a smaller size or fill your t-shirts better – its important to us to have the data to back up the visuals.

We want to see how your body is changing, and where it is changing, so we can make accurate recommendations and help you make the long-term transformations to your body and your life you crave

That is why we use the InBody 230.  


Why track progress?

It appears in an era where health, fitness, and exercise participation is growing faster than ever - you cannot turn on the TV without seeing some sort of health, and fitness related show.

Despite this it seems people have forgotten about results.

Not just clothes size – which lets be honest most people drop a clothes size or two, then spend the next three years losing the same weight over and over again.

… but actual tangible results – Who tracks that anymore?

Yeah they might weigh you and do a little measurement now and again, but have you noted the look on their faces when things don’t move.

PLUS even if they do… What and where is that weight? Could it be water, muscle, fat? What are you losing, where from? and does it actually matter?

^^ Well yes it matters… more than you think (We will share a blog in march that goes into more detail) but for now just trust me

when you lose weight you do not want it to be water, or muscle < - - This will simply lead to long term struggle and fat mass gains – No one wants that!

This is why we now use InBody.

As a club we want to be held accountable for the results we deliver without being able to bull$h!t you about them. The InBody makes this possible and makes sure you are doing the right things

For Example – Jade has just lost 2kg with us in her first week, having been recommended EATING 2,000kcal PER DAY… All while her friends are struggling on just 900kcal < - - THAT’s INSANE

^^ The inbody helped us achieve this


What is InBody?

The InBody 230 is a non-invasive body analyser that can accurately measure the composition of your body as well as track the changes over time.

It measures…

-       Weight

-       Muscle Mass

-       Body Fat Mass

-       B.M.I

-       Waist to Hip ratio

-       Total Body Water

-       Visceral fat (fat around the organs)

… all effective markers of health helping us show you exactly what needs to be done in order for you to achieve your results

knowing that gives us a club nowhere to hide, we either get results or you take your custom elswhwere

Results matter... Its why you are looking for a gym in the first place - The rest is important but RESULTS COME FIRST!

Unleash your potential…

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