Do you prefer it damp and wet?

Do you prefer it damp and wet?

...or hot and sweaty? 


I know which I prefer!


after 4 months of $h!t, drizzly, damp, cold and icy weather with the concept of actually seeing daylight before, or after work feels like a pipe dream your exercise regime can suffer.


In fact, your whole body can be suffering, know matter how hard you tried in January... February is always the time your goals, resolutions, and motivation dont seem so important anymore.


life takes over


When the alarm goes and you think what the f*ck is that, 


and you get up you are low on vitamin D, mood, energy, and enthusiasm, your joints hurt a little more than they do in the summer, and all the little niggles hurt a little more too. 


That being the case... Your health, strength, and fitness goals are all still relevant, they STILL matter, they are still as important as they were in the summer. 


Not only that, but regular gym sessions will pave the way for greater movement, joint elasticity and strength making the summer easier. 


The next couple of months (even if results are slow) pave the way and build the foundations for greater results in the summer... Don't ditch it and wait for spring because you are tired, can't be arsed, and are struggling to get through the days. 


What can yo do to help? 


- - > GO TO BED EARLIER... I am not going to bang on about the importance of sleep, you all know it, but the simple fact of the matter is we need MORE of it in winter, and yes that means going to bed earlier. The $h!t you are watching on TV isn't that important that it can't be recorded and watched tomorrow, and social media is literally killing your energy. Unless its a good book, or good sex keeping you awake, 

get to bed earlier 


- - > VITAMIN D... We are running out over the winter, with a good fat profile we store it through summer but int get any from around October - March from the Sun < - - Not only does this f*ck with our mood, but it effects our joints, and mobility. 

... How to get more - - > Supplement, we recommend Daily Dose from Awesome Supplements... Get outside in the early morning light, 30 minute walk will help... Buy a sunlamp (especially if your mood suffers in the winter S.A.D.]) for your desk 2 x 30 minute exposures eat day will help you massively 


- - > THE BASICS... Increase your intake of brightly coloured vegetables and water, we are in dire need if nutrients through a long winter. Have a nutribullet every day, they are simple and easy. Add a scoop of vanilla whey, and some frozen berries, and the taste is pretty decent too 



- - > JUST GET TO THE GYM... Your results still matter, and even if you make it less, get there when its hard (^^^ Doing all the above will make it easier) but get there. 


Warm up more effectively, move a little quicker, throughout the warm up, get your heart going sooner to get the blood pumping. 


Whether you train early or later in the day, get up when your alarm sounds, its tough, but when you are out of bed, start doing the tasks that need to be done, one at a time... Whatever it is you do, just tick them off, your day will be better, you will get your $h!t done, and you feel better for having done them. 


That includes getting to the gym. 


3 - 5 x / month - TICKING OVER, you won't get results, but at least your are still coming, at least you aren't sacking it off all together and your are more likely to increase throughout the spring/summer < - - Keep working at it, keep pushing. 


5 - 9 x / month - FOUNDATIONS, You are helping build foundations so that you can hit the spring/summer hard to get your results 


10 - 12 x month - KILLING IT, As long as you are thinking sensibly about nutrition, and maintaining intensity throughout you will be in better shape than you were at the end of last summer.. Particularly once you shed of that winter coat. 


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P.S. - If you have not got time too exercise, eat well, or look after your body mentally / physically you are slowly dying, and either you or your family are going to have make time to look after you sooner or later 

P.P.S. - If you have a manual labour job ^^^ this doesnt apply - however I'm guessing you dont

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