Did you give up then

Did you give up then
This last weekend is supposedly the weekend where EVERYONE gives up one their new years resolutions and goes back to their old ways
It was all over the news, the radio, it was everywhere
Its almost as if no-one really wants you to succeed
Convincing you that well everyone else is giving up now, you might as well
Life’s easier when you just stick to what you know, when you live blindly and accept your fate
Not only that, but the pressure of your work colleagues has probably weighed heavy on you too
Constant moans, groans and comments about your new regime
‘Why bother?... you will never stick to it’
‘uuurgh, that looks awful!’
‘What you doing that for?’
no-one wants you to succeed because they want to validate their own existence, they couldn’t give a shit how it impacts you
They just don’t want to be reminded of their inadequacies and of their inability to do anything about the humdrum, boring, sad non-existence that is their daily reality
you succeeding and improving yourself just highlights this, hence they will do anything to bring you back down
you see… if you want to succeed you MUST leave 95% of the population behind and become part of the 5% that are succeeding in life
Life is not meant to be a drab, lonely, unhappy slog; it’s meant to be full of adventures, laughter, success, …and failure! It is all part of the process
its meant to be a roller coaster of emotions, of which you need to learn to embrace both positive and negative
learn, change, and grow on a daily basis, you will never do this however being part of the 95%
you will end up stuck in the same lifeless existence as the rest blaming everyone else for your problems while dragging others around you down
to succeed you MUST begin to build others up, to help them achieve what they set out, stand by them when others knock them, and search to achieve your own happiness
constantly reminding yourself that the decisions you made are still relevant, you still want to be healthier, happier, and fit in smaller clothes (or bigger ones if you are trying to add muscle)
you must follow your goals, and fuck everyone else who tries to drag you down
become part of the 5% and learn what it takes to be successful, finally achieving what you set out to
Ben ‘happy to be in the 5%’ Gray 

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