Compete against people better than you

Compete against people better than you

If I have said it once I have said it a million times, the #1 way to improve your performance in whatever you do is to compete not against people you will comfortably beat or in competitions or races that you KNOW YOU CAN DO but in something that scares you a little bit something that leaves you a little concerned about coming last or about your ability to even compete it.

Whatever it is you enjoy doing:-

  • Running
  • Weightlifting
  • Powerlifting
  • Waterskiing
  • Even if you like the game of scrabble…

If you WANT TO GET BETTER…you SHOULD be competing.

I'm not saying jump into a ultra-marathon or look to compete in a national powerlifting or weightlifting comp, not straight away anyway, but find something that sits just outside of your comfort zone like a parkrun UK, a 10km, or an obstacle race, if you like running and want to improve just pick a race you are not sure you can complete. ...Or if you are a strongman, look for some novice comps in which the weights are just beyond your current capabilities.

Do the same for weightlifting, powerlifting, rock climbing, whatever it is you do

Just by entering I GUARANTEE you will IMPROVE quicker than you thought possible, the motivation that comes with the fear of failure will ensure you bring more to your training, give more to your recovery, your stretching, your food, your sleep.

In fact your focus will sharpen in ALL aspects of your training BECAUSE you have a target, something you MUST achieve rather than bumbling along telling everyone you are a runner, a bodybuilder, a 'cross fitter' without ever actually earning the title (If you are not competing you are indeed, none of the above, your are simply someone who likes a particular type of exercise).

Currently the only thing stopping you is your EGO

Its too big, you are not willing to fail to get better, and therefore you will never really progress. You see getting beat doesn't hurt anything but your ego, so GET OVER YOURSELF and your fears. if you want to get better you SHOULD BE COMPETING, its something we encourage ALL OUR AWESOME MEMBERS to do, and the ones who take up the challenge develop more than they could imagine as soon as they enter. And guess what, its not long after there first comp they start chasing us to find there next. You see there is is ONLY ONE REASON TO TRAIN and that is to get better, to improve yourself, and progress consistently; competing against others better than you is THE #1 WAY to do this.

Our members now know this we would LOVE to help you too

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