The Commando Temple - Gym Review

The Commando Temple - Gym Review

What a FUCKING venue, to have something like this in the middle of London is a joy to see

I have known of the place for a little while as our girls are regularly competing with theirs for top honours in the strongwoman community but this weekend was the first opportunity I have had to visit

I visited during the recent course on callisthenics offered by the World Calisthenics Organisation out of the venue, a course a HIGHLY recommend and you can read about that HERE < - CLICK

And was immediately (despite the course being awesome) a little disappointed I wasn’t going to get a chance to have a play with some of their kit

From THORS hammer that they have had installed to the array of strength and grip training equipment they have for you to use its hardly surprising to learn that the owner Rob Blair (incidentally one of the nicest guys I have met in the industry) is the proud owner of the World Record holder in the meat hook deadlift

(A lift where you pick up a deadlift bar using two meat hooks)

meathook deadlift world record


While I was there was a variety of sessions going on, from Muay Thai, to powerlifting, commando conditioning to strongman, alongside people performing their own sessions, all this without an ego in sight. Individuals mixing, talking, laughing and enjoying the training; helping each other out where necessary.

It was a pleasure to behold an atmosphere such as this, and the coaching is clearly first class as EVERYONE was lifting effectively in a manner that will serve to further them and not injure them, not something I observe in MOST of the gyms I visit

From what I witnessed while I was there, this is not a place for the faint hearted, but a place you could not fail to get strong in, and as intimidating as it looks from the outside you could not wish for a more welcoming atmosphere and a more qualified quality bunch of coaches.

The Commando Temple is a credit to its owner Rob, its coaches, and quite clearly its members who respect the policies and atmosphere that have been put in place to make sure the whole things runs smoothly.


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