Carbs: good or bad?

Like many people starting to diet, as they usually do this time of year, Mark is querying the ‘different’ types of carbs you can get.

'Is there good and bad carbs, or are they all the same?'

Theoretically there are no good or bad carbs… carbs are simply sugar

regardless of WHAT you eat if it has carbs in it, the carbs are EXACTLY the same; whether that be fruit or veg / chocolate or cake.

If you were to eat 1 dairy milk vs 5 carrots, you would get the EXACT same amount of Carbohydrates, but you would get twice as many calories from the dairy milk

1 x dairy milk = 250kcal; 30g carbs

5 x carrots = 125kcal; 30g carbs

The difference is simply in the quantities you would need to eat to achieve the same amount from various food sources

Equally, theoretically, there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods, they are just food

However, foods that are high in calories tend to be high in fats and carbohydrates, which often tend to be very moreish… it is this that has lead to the fear that eating too many carbs or fats will lead to weight gain

And cyclical process of people cutting them out, dieting, etc and never really getting anywhere

The fact is anything you eat too much of is not great for your waistline, or weight.

In essence (although its not totally that simple) the more you consume Vs the amount you expend will determine your overall bodyweight, and shape

So it’s less about learning what’s good or bad, or cutting this or that out of your diet

Its more about learning what each food contains, how they impact you on all levels from energy, to cravings, to mindset and emotion

If you choose to eat calorie dense foods versus nutrient dense foods you will quickly reach your personal level for what you should eat that day, leading to either overeating or uncontrollable cravings (which will lead to overeating… eventually)

Equally eating in this way decreases the amount of nutrient dense foods you are likely to consume, reducing the amount of micronutrients in your diet… its these micronutrients which are required (at a cellular level) to provide energy for all the chemical reactions which MUST take place if you are to function optimally

And that is the key with any diet

The ability to function optimally while achieving your goals

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Its not about cutting this, or that out, and yes you should be able to still eat a little of what you fancy, provided you know the impact it will have on you

Stop stressing about the pressures and Bullshit information pushed onto you by the press and social media and learn more about a structured approach that is guaranteed to work

Ben ‘is both good and bad in equal measure ‘Gray

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