Can you fake 4 stone weight loss?

Can you fake 4 stone weight loss?

Everyones trying to lose weight


… But no one is doing it properly


dieting – exercise – pills – potions – secret fads


they are all bull$h!t < - - Yes they work …. For a period!!


Then what, the next one, and the next one, and with each one you get fatter and fatter until you cannot stand to look at yourself in the mirror


Yes you will have had some successes along the way but top and bottom, if you are not lighter or look better now than when you started they didn’t f*cking work


And lets be honest, the likelihood of your current plan working is slim to none also


Change is not about the diet, the exercise or whatever weird fanatical bull$h!t journey you are on – It is about you

^^ Read that again


It is about YOU! It always has been it always will be so the sooner you stop pinning your hopes and some revolutionary plan the sooner you will start to get results.


The fact is, the reason you keep putting the weight back on is because you never changed – you pretty much starved yourself thin with a little exercise thrown in for good measure


On the outside it looks like a great lifestyle change but on the inside you battled the same demons all the way through – deep down knowing it was never going to last


You faked it!!


Whether to the tune of 6lbs or 6 stone < - - you know you FAKED the weight loss


You faked it and it all came back


Sarah didn’t…


Its taken sarah 18 months of hard work, facing her demons, battling change, accepting her friends changing opinion of her


Her status within the group


She understands how strongly she was holding on ot her identity – she also understood that to get where she wanted to go she had to forge a new identity


One of the ‘fitness freak’


She put up with the comments ‘You’ve changed’


She made steps to change her influences, and change her approach to life, she took control and done what it took to become a completely different person


A person 4 stone lighter than she was


A person who will change again, and again, until she becomes the person she dreams about being – loving herself unconditionally throughout the whole process


You cant fake weight loss


You either change or you don’t


Stay the same person and any weight you lose will come back to remind you with vengeance


Change you now, work on you and your body will catch up, the weight will come off and you will enjoy the journey


Trust The Process



Unleash your potential…

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