Ben Coomber - What’s your goal?

So I am sitting down over the weekend and a friend drops a video into my inbox to ask what I think

And wow…


It’s a video the health and fitness industry NEEDS to see, because at its heart it’s a great driver for change, unfortunately the industry is FUBAR and appears to have lost its main purpose

(* Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition)

To help the average person live a longer, healthier, and more energetic happy life.

Unfortunately somewhere along the way it got lost in six pack abs, 6% bodyfat, egotistical pursuits, and cock fighting (men & women) with people more concerned about making a fast buck and impressing other coaches rather than the people that matter. PEOPLE LIKE YOU!

^^ Luckily this not something we participate in at Suffolk Strength Academy, as we are grounded in our pursuit to help the people that really matter fall in love with the process of achieving optimal health and a life full of vitality

in fact, its been that long since I engaged in the ‘FITPRO scene’ that they’ve probably forgot I exist (that’s a good thing)

Luckily though I am still in contact with some of the good guys, people who have not forgotten the importance of helping you, people like Matt & Keris who I have spoke about recently

And people like Ben not only a friend within the industry but one of the first people I met and spent time with in Suffolk (back when he was a fat actor)

We have stayed friends within fitness primarily because our goals and philosophies are essentially the same, even if we have taken different routes to help get the message out

That being the case I do not share much of what he does because we are friends and it is all too easy to fall into the trap of thinking everything someone you like is good, however…

This video needs airtime, its PHENOMONAL and while it is said by Ben; it mirrors my thoughts on the subject exactly

So please not only watch… but SHARE with as many people as you can as this is a message I believe EVERYONE needs to hear

And maybe give me a shout if you want to get involved with a gym that has these philosophies

Unleash your potential…

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