5 reasons you are not getting results

5 reasons you are not getting results

1. Too much alcohol

I am not going to sit here and tell you, you cannot drink alcohol, I am not that much of a hypocrite but if you are drinking EVERY evening (even if its only one glass) or just having too much at weekends it is gonna fuck with your chances of getting results

Apart from the added calories to your daily intake it is adding, its gonna mess with your sleep patterns, your energy levels and your ability to stay focused on the task at hand

You are going to be less motivated to not only get to the gym, but to prepare your meals and eat well enough to get the results you are hoping for

Now if it is your only vice, and you are young enough then maybe it may not cause to many problems but as you get older, and add it to your other lifestyle choices it is definitely going to have an impact.

Don’t believe me… Reduce your alcohol intake… see what happens!


2. Not enough quality sleep

Improving your sleep quality is pretty much THE most important thing you can do right now for your health, as time goes by we sleep less and less, not only that but the quality is diminishing

Just look around you, coffee shops everywhere, and have you seen the size of the energy drinks people are drinking these days… Fuck my life!

It seams no one can get through the day without some sort of artificial stimulant to perk them up < - - a DISTINCT sign that as a nation we are not rested enough

We are not going to bed early enough, we are on our mobile devices too late, we stress too much about things we can’t do anything about, and we don’t do anything about the things we can

When you combine the caffeine you are pumping into your system, with how late you go to bed and the impact looking at your mobile device too often, and too late your chances of quality sleep are screwed

Again Don’t believe me… do 7 days without stimulants… switch your mobile devices off at 2000 and get to bed for around 1000

Life will look a whole lot different (not initially mind you will feel like shit) but after 7 days everything will improve


3. Not eating enough

People are not eating enough quality food, we fill ourselves with nutrient deficient calories and expect to survive

And then when we hope to lose a bit weight we try and eat even less

I cannot tell you the amount of people who come to the gym expecting to live healthy, feel great, and get results on less than 1200Kcal per day

Then when you combine this with the LACK of micronutrients in the foods they are eating they don’t stand a chance

That is unless you are a 45kg lady who dose little or no activity then 1200 Kcal is perfect for you

For everyone else eat more fucking food, and make sure at least 80% of it is packed full of vitamins, and minerals, and don’t cut out any of the macronutrients… A good balance of Fat, Carbs, & protein are ESSENTIAL if you are to have great health and be in great shape physically, and mentally

If you are not eating enough food, you cannot function effectively, your energy levels, motivation and mental health will suffer

I have never seen anyone get effective long term results while not eating enough

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4. Unbalanced programs resulting in injury

Quite simply your training should make you better not worst… If you are picking up injuries and its hampering your progress then your program IS NOT working for you

If you cannot exercise or train regularly you are not going to get the results you should so make sure your program is effective

And unless you balance between strength, fitness, and flexibility work something is going to give.

Equally if you have not nailed the first three tips above then your body is not going to be able to withstand the forces you are putting upon it resulting in injury


5. Your sessions are too easy

Put simply you are not training fucking hard enough… You are expecting results to happen as if by magic… THEY DON’T!

You have to graft for what you want, its an inconvenient and expensive process for the body to lose fat and build muscle < - - which, whether you are man woman or beast, you have to do if you want to change your body shape

And because it is such an bothersome process for the body you have to force it to change you have to manipulate it in such a way that is left with no choice but to change,

Its only going to build the muscle and burn the fat if it is absolutely necessary for the life you lead

And the only way to do this is commit 100% to your training plans, to give your all, and leave the gym KNOWING you could not have given any more

Which is fucking impossible if you have not got the first three tips in this blog down… You cannot give your all when you are drinking too much, sleeping to little, and not eating enough quality fuel to energise a lame hamster.


Give yourself a chance, look at your lifestyle habits if you really do want results

Unleash your potential…

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