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Suffolk Strength Academy is not for everyone, we would love you to join but its essential you understand our philosophies and are ready to work for the results you desire so much.

We were set up to solve all the problems we see in your local commercial gym and help ordinary people get extraordinary results. As such we need you to make sure you agree to:-

  1. No Douchbeags, dickheads, or doughnuts
  2. Leave your ego, your excuses, and your mobile phone at the door
  3. Upstairs for thinking, downstairs for dancing
  4. Put all equipment back where it belongs
  5. No topless training – train for the beach, don’t bring it to the gym
  6. NO DRUGS - - > Recreational or performance enhancing
  7. Train together, laugh together, drink together
  8. Use the gym to make your life better (obsessions is a bad habit)
  9. Banter is acceptable (essential), bitching, bullshitting, or belittling of others is not
  10. Do EVERYTHING like it fucking matters

Basic £50 membership Strength £60 membership Unlimited £75 membership

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